For women who want to know how to fix inverted nipples, the methods and techniques are diversified and designed for each one’s pocket. For those who can’t afford a plastic surgery, there will always be available other easy methods. However, if a woman decides to do the step of correcting the inverted nipples, there some risks she must assume, as well as the advantages of having normal breasts.

How to fix an inverted nipple at home?

There are a few simple methods to fix inverted nipple. One of them is by stretching it using different devices. Women can use either breast pumps or breast shields in order to protract their nipples and bring them to a normal shape. These devices’ action is mainly focused on the connective tissues situated underneath the inverted nipples. They apply a mild pressure on the areola as they aim to break the tissues and release the nipple. It’s not difficult to fix nipple, only that all these techniques should be practiced with extreme caution because they can affect the breastfeeding abilities.

In case of not having a breast pump, women can use 10 cc syringes to try to retract the nipples. However, the correction of the nipples by these methods is not permanent, even if they do make breastfeeding easier. It’s recommended to consult a doctor before proceeding to any of these techniques, as recent studies have shown that they might affect breastfeeding capacities.

Is nipple piercing a good option?

Many young women fix inverted nipple by putting a piercing in it. This is quite an unconventional method and it’s done usually by those persons whose nipples can be manually protracted. However, a piercing maker is not the best person to tell someone how to fix an inverted nipple and the risks of contacting an infection, as well as damaging some important tissues are very high.

Can plastic surgery fix nipple?

Plastic surgery is actually a very common method of correcting nipples, even if some skeptics say that there are high risks concerning the abilities of breastfeeding. However, if done by a certified plastic surgeon, using some of the most modern instruments and techniques, this kind of surgery can be more than satisfactory. The operation is performed with a general anesthesia and it mainly consists of removing the nipples from the breasts and repairing them.

The main idea is that only the specialist can give coherent advice on how to fix inverted nipples, depending on the woman’s condition and her desire of having babies in the future and breastfeeding them.